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Mike Ching's 15th Annual SUMMER MAGIC CLASS STARTS MAY 29, 2024

(1 class per year.  Do great Magic! = Look great doing it!)

Magical Aloha! 
Reserve space
NOW for
Live Classes / Summer 2024!

$300. Complete (incl. Materials)

5 Wednesdays: May 29 - June 26
7:00 - 8:30 pm in central Oahu (Moanalua Valley)

Call for details; 836-1800    Mahalo!

Summer Magic Class 2024
with Professional Magician & Author; Mike Ching
Past President: Hawaii SAM & IBM Associations, General Producer: "Hawaii Magic Festival"
see our Showsite @ MikeChingMagic.Com

Suggested Age 7 TO ADULT Class begins Wednesdays in May and June
Individualized attention.  Maximum Class size 5 seats.   
Includes materials & Certificate of completion.  Sign up Today!

Instructor Mike Ching
Video 1 "Cups & Ball"

Landon Espiritu, (age 11, R) with stage partnerKiley Lahoe (10) & Mom Kelly.  Youngest performers selected Nationally  for the 2020 "STARS OF TOMORROW" Showcase at the Society Of American Magicians Event in Las Vegas.  A wonderful act of "Skill" magic & Illusion, & the longest Ovation on the Show!

See: Student Videos

2023 Class Info & Details - Registration
*Classes can be scheduled for groups of 4+ students,
 (Summer Schools, Summer Fun, Boy Scout, Cub Scout) 
able to assemble over 5 weeks.

Class sizes limited ~ Sign up Today
Magic Class (Suggested Ages 7 to Adult)*
$300.  Complete including Materials
*younger students on instructor approval

*Students receive Many professional Magic materials
~plus~ "Performance Bag" to carry effects & perform from!
Includes Stage, Close-Up & Street Magic.  

* SEE the KHON TV Morning News VIDEOCLIP here:

Fun Entry-Level Classes - No Experience required!

by IBM/SAM Past President & Author Mike Ching

Class held on Wednesdays, 7 pm
1476 Ala Hekili Place (Moanalua Valley)  

* Class size: 5 students max. (materials available for 5)

~PARENTS may attend FREE with students under 18

Learn "Street" and "Classic" style Magic 
in this Fun, Entry-Level Class.

  SEE Cool Demonstrations every week, then LEARN the

tricks you see!  Amaze friends, co-workers, classmates & clients.   Learn with one of Magic's most original and accomplished Author/Teachers. 
A TERRIFIC first course in the art of Entertainment!

  • Presentation 
  • Public Speaking Confidence 
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Planning Skills 
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Entertainment & Production 
Actual Comments: 

Feedback from a Student evaluation sheet

 Inquiry letter from Americas Got Talent!

Mike Ching is an experienced Magician, Magic Show producer, Author, and second generation Magic Instructor.  He talks to his students to understand their goals.  As a parent I attended free and he was amazing to watch.

The small class size gave lots of individual attention and I was amazed what my son learned so quickly in clear, plain language.  The tricks amazed adults in our family after one lesson!  These were real "skill" effects only a pro could demonstrate.
The weekly schedule let him practice and try his magic out on friends
before the next meeting.  Later he did very well in his School Talent Show. 

In our opinion, for kids who really want to do Excellent shows,
this is the BEST Magic Course in Hawaii!"

"Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo!"
This past week would not have been possible if it were not for Mike Ching & Akiko Ching . Landon would not have been able to be part of The Stars Of Tomorrow Show if it weren’t for the dedication and sacrifice that Mike and Akiko gave.

They put in the late nights, take after video take for Landons Audition video, over and over and over and over and over again just to make sure Landon did it right. We pretty much took over their kitchen, living room, and garage. From the
bottom of our hearts, thank you for opening your hearts and home to Landon and I and investing into him all the time and effort.

For all of those nights of practice, rehearsal after rehearsal, night after night, to make it all happen. Thank you thank you thank you!

"I will always hold magic dear to my heart.  Because of Mike Ching, I gained confidence and pushed myself to become a better performer and a better person with each lesson.
Mike gave me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform magic with the best magicians on the island, and perform for hundreds of people at Dave & Busters.  The magic that he taught brought me to a higher caliber that I ever thought I could achieve and even got me on the news! 
I’m forever grateful to Mike for all that he’s taught me and want to express how impactful his lessons have been in my life, and highly encourage you to learn from him as well"
kind words from Magic Festival performer Michael Ajimura

"....Best Class I've ever taken in my life!..."

"...This is the FUNNEST Class in the world!..." 

"... Awesome Class!..."

"..Its' like Christmas!.."

"Highly Reccommended!"

"...GREAT class!...TERRIFIC!..."

"...Thank you for putting on this class!  
My son is really enjoying himself and looks 
forward to coming to class every week..." 

"I Love this class!"

"...Mike is a great teacher...Gave me 
confidence in my own abilities.  ..Good for all ages..."

"...Great Class from a Master Magician..."

"...Glad I took this course. -Highly Recommended!..."

"...Truly gained MORE
than the cost of the Class!..."

"..The information, Knowledge 
& Life experience were Priceless!.."

Students also receive the 

"Mark Wilson Course in Magic"
Widely considered the best single Magic text ever
(to keep costs down, texts are quality pre-owned volumes)

Registration & Information: 836-1800

From age 6, Mike learned Classic Stage Magic from
the Legendary Jimmy "Tengu" Yoshida
(Awarded"Magic Teacher of the Century" by Hawaii IBM in 2007).

He is the Author of acclaimed Magic Book:
"NEW ANIMATIONS" - The Dancing Handkerchief Book
(Owned by numerous top professionals, and included in the Library
of the world famous MAGIC CASTLE in Hollywood).

In his early 20's performed Street Magic in Boston, Hawaii,
and in San Francisco with Dr. Harry Lovecraft,
(The "Official Wizard of San Francisco"seen in MAGIC magazine)
during the rennaissance of Street Arts in the Bay area,
and has worked Festivals, Comedy Clubs, Olde Worlde Faires,
Themed Convention events, and produced numerous Charity shows

Currently Mike performs frequently at Island Celebrations,
is working on a Groundbreaking New Magic Book,
and Produces the Annual (December) "HAWAII MAGIC FESTIVAL"

*For more info, see Mikes' BIO PAGE

YOU can be part of this 
Third-Generation of Magic instruction.

1. Copy/Paste info below into an Email
2. Complete and send to: MikeC1800@aol.Com 
*(remember: BOTH INFO and DEPOSIT 
are needed to hold your place!)



I'm interested in learning the Art of Magic Entertainment!

My name is :__________________ and I promise Never to Reveal the Secrets of Magic to the General Public.  (Because Magic should be mysterious and FUN).

I am ____ (age), 

(*Optional) I am interested in learning Magic because:

Mailing Address:

The best way to contact me is at (Email or Parents Email):

or these phone #s' Hm:     Wk:     Cel:

*If under 18, please use Parent or Guardian contact info

Parent/Guardian of:
Other Contact method:

I understand you will contact us with details when the Class is Complete, prior to Start of Class.

Class Particulars: 
Below are standard Provisos for our Classes.  You will be asked to Read & Sign below at first class, to acknowledge agreement to terms;

Deposit of $50 can be sent (address below) to insure your place in Class. *(You can request an online Paypal INVOICE which can be paid by credit card).  Balance should be made no later than 2nd Class  

Initial $50. deposit is non-refundable, but includes a quality MAGIC SET which is yours to keep, along with any other materials received by end of 2nd Class Session.  If paid and cancelling by end of 2nd meeting, balance minus deposit (of fully paid tuition) will be completely refunded.  Thereafter, (after 2nd meeting onward) full tuition must be paid to continue, and is non-refundable.

Rarely, though on occasion, Images or Video may sometimes be taken of Students at class activities.  Those clips or stills from images/video images could be used for promotion and reference for future students on our website or other advertising/marketing. 

By attending this class, it is acknowledged by Students and/or Parents/Legal Guardians of minor students acknowledge and allow use of  images or video.  *We will always ask to shoot images or video during class and you may decline to be included in them  (no compensation is offered for use of any video or still image). 

Payments can be made at first meeting by Cash, Check or Money Order. For deposit or balance,  Check or MO can also be sent via early by Regular Mail to address below.

You can also pay deposit or balance online via Credit Card by requesting a PayPal INVOICE be sent through that secure system. This can be paid by VISA/MC/AMERICAN EXPRESS or PAYPAL.  To do so, email us requesting an online INVOICE for the desired amount.

If paying by check, please make payable to:

Michael Ching
1476 Ala Hekili Place
Honolulu, HI  96819-1427

Please be on time.  Arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to start of class. Arrange to be picked up no later than 15 minutes after class. 

Parents (or Legal Guardians) of minor students MAY ATTEND classes FREE with children under 18.  This is encouraged with children under age 12.  (Parents must assume responsibility in the unlikely event of damages to property by children.)

Parent/Guardians also acknowledge that Host/Instructor(s) are not responsible for care of  students arriving before class time, or left after class time, and that they (Parents/Guardians) are responsible for delivery and pickup of their own children.

DO NOT sign a child up for this class if you are not comfortable with this condition.  It is suggested parents provide a Printed list of people authorized to pick up/deliver their child.

Also, parent or legal guardian holds host/instructor harmless from accident or injury on Class premises.  (*There are no items believed particularly harmful in this class, though since any toy can be abused, and any small item could be a possible choking hazard to very young children, Parents/Guardian must accept responsibility for their materials' safe deportment and storage).

If you must miss a class, contact instructor for a 45 minute catchup session immediately prior to next class.  Students with any communicable illness (Cold, Flu ect.) should not attend, for their own health, and consideration of others.  (Mahalo for your understanding.)

Acknowledged: (Student, or Parent/Legal Guardian of Student under age 18):


Sign Up Today! (808) 836-1800
(Maximum Class Size 5 seats)

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